Change is inevitable. Progress is optional.

About us

Aproficio is an independent consulting & advisory services firm for academic researchers, healthcare organizations and the life science industry. Our clients choose us to help them with opportunities and challenges relating to corporate, organization, business unit, product strategic or research focused initiatives.

When working with Aproficio, you get access to highly motivated individuals with a genuine passion to improve medical outcomes with the use of medical technology. Our minds circle around the entire health care eco-system, including society, healthcare providers and industry. This gives us unique opportunities to impact and maximise value for our clients  - no matter if they are physicians, payers, patients, life science industry or investors.

From Idea to Realisation

Aproficio help academic researchers and scientists to transform their technological ideas and prototypes into commercialized products. 

Market Access

It is all about minimizing time to market. We help our clients to develop market access strategies to overcome market entry barriers and explore new opportunities. 

Professional Education

With experience and access to a top-tier international network in Universities and Industry, we help clients to build and improve current training and education programs.