More information - Petra Apéll

Petra received her Master of Science in Chemistry, from the Gothenburg University, Sweden. While working as Key Account Manager for Sigma-Aldrich Chemical Co, she obtained a Marketing degree from IHM Business School. When joining Janssen-Cilag (Johnson & Johnson) as Product Manager. The interest for technology grew steadily and Petra became part of a J&J Task force with the objective of developing eHealth throughout the European organization. As a EMEA Marketing & Sales Director at Mentice, she was able develop new business concepts relating to professional education in collaboration with industry clients and the European Medical Professional Societies in the fields of Cardiology, Surgery and Radiology. As CEO and co-founder of Orzone, Petra was responsible for developing revolutionary products that would improve medical skills training with the use of advanced virtual reality technologies. It resulted in long term collaborations with Professional Medical Societies, NGO´s and regulating authorities.

After spending a few years with XVIVO Perfusion, establishing a new technology for Ex Vivo Lung Perfusion with cardiothoracic surgery clinics in Europe; Petra is now running Aproficio while being an active Board Member at 10MD, a start-up company founded by Petra and her colleague in 2012. 

With 25 years´ experience in the life sciences industry, Petra brings a wide background in business development, market access, professional medical education, product development, funding solutions, public-private partnership programs and strategic collaborations.