"The book explores theories of learning, strategies for training, and the definition and application of metrics in surgical training. It analyzes competency criteria from medical/surgical education groups around the world and emphasizes the importance of proficiency based progression as the hallmark of an objectively based surgical training program. ...A valuable reference and a provocative essay on the principles of surgical (and procedural) training."
Dr. Dana K. Andersen
JAMA, Journal of the American Medical Association, Vol. 307 (9), March 2012 

"The style of the book is an easy conversational tone, it offers numerous international perspectives and the content is complete and authoritative. In summary, this book is an ideal primer on medical/surgical education research and especially the role of simulation plays in that research currently and into the future."
Dr. Roy Phitayakorn
Annals of Surgery, Vol. 255 (3), March 2012