Patient Safety

During the last decade, the medical field has become increasingly aware of the need to understand factors causing medical errors and adverse events.

The human fallibility problem can be viewed from a person approach or a system approach. The person approach focuses on the errors of individuals and has caused a strong “Blaming culture”. A system-based approach postulates that an accident occurs because several errors have occurred at all levels in the organizational hierarchy in a way that made such accident unavoidable. A system approach is defined as a set of interacting, interrelated or interdependent elements that are organized to form a collective unity to achieve a common objective. This definition lays emphasis on the interactions and gaps between the parts of a system: people, stages, and processes.

Aproficio and its top tier international network of academic researchers, can help Healthcare organizations to develop current processes with patient flow charts and identification of system-based quality and safety factors that potentially could lead to increased patient safety. 

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