Market Access

Aproficio helps clients to assess market entry opportunities and challenges in Europe. We develop market access strategies to overcome identified barriers, explore identified opportunities and to minimize time to market for your medical technology. 

The regulatory environment in Europe is complex and diverse. Healthcare providers are under great cost pressures and payers need to reconcile rising demands for health care with public financing or budget constraints. Payers are emphasizing value for money when evaluating new medical devices and will reimburse products and procedures that show significant added value in regular clinical practices. Through an international network of experts, Aproficio help Medical Technology companies to develop regulatory and reimbursement pathways, healtheconomic evidence and to perform Health Technology Assessments (HTA).

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including Medical Professional Societies and Patient Advocacy Groups, are key stakeholders all focused on achieving better outcomes for patients. Depending on the organization´s nature and policies, Aproficio will explore opportunities for our clients to establish unique strategic alliances. 

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