Strategic Alliances

For healthcare to progress, Aproficio believes the entire healthcare eco-system needs to be taken in consideration. Creating cross-functional teams by building bridges across stakeholders can catalyze change and lead to better medical outcomes. 

Hospital organizations, Industry, Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), including Medical Professional Societies and Patient Advocacy Groups all share the strive to increase awareness about diseases and to achieve better outcomes for patients. Hospitals are focused on delivering optimal cost-efficient treatment and care. Medical Professional Societies focus on clinical research, training and maintaining high standards of treatment. Patient advocacy groups are increasingly recognized as the expert voice of the patient and now play a key role in the decision-making process. Industry want to improve healthcare by developing new advanced products. With a profit.

Partnerships between industry and non-profit organizations need to be based on guaranteed independency. Companies need to be 100% transparent about the support they provide to non-profit organizations and align with national and international codes of practices for the industry. Depending on the companies´and organizations´ nature and policies, Aproficio will explore opportunities for our clients to build bridges between stakeholders and establish unique strategic alliances and public-private partnership program. 

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