Professional Medical Education

To provide patients with the best available treatment, doctors need to stay up to date with new procedures and new techniques. 

Professional medical education has become an integral part of the long term strategy in many Medical Technology companies. Companies  provide centralized and decentralized medical training, naturally focusing around their own technologies as they need to show return on investments. 

During the last decade, the availability of clinical skills training centers at University Hospitals have increased. Typically, a skills center governed by hospitals would be built around a few procedures. Once the curriculum is integrated, more procedures are added to the curriculum. From a physician´s perspective, it is important to attend not only the hospital based programs, but also the industry sponsored training programs to ensure he can provide the best available treatments to patients. 

Professional Education is one of the core competencies within Aproficio. With access to a top-tier international network, we may help clients from Hospitals and Industry to improve and excel current strategies and activities. A selection of our services: 

  • Develop and refine professional medical education strategies.
  • Assess and validate training programs.
  • Facilitate, catalyze and manage activities relating to medical education.

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