Medical Simulation

See one. Do one. Simulate many. Teach one.  

Training and validation of technical skills have in some cases proven to be the key factor for successful market introductions. In a few cases products have even been withdrawn from the market due to lack of training on how to use the device. 

Requests for evidence based studies for training program and use of new devices have increased and transformed the approach of medical education and training. An example is when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) mandated metric-based training on virtual reality simulators, which led to the development of a a proficiency based progression (PBP) training model. In practice, PBP means that medical trainees are required to reach a pre-defined level of technical skills, or become proficient, on virtual reality simulators before being allowed in the clinical environment. 

Aproficio and its top-tier network has the experience and may help clients from Hospitals, Professional Societies and Industry to design, develop and validate training curriculum based on virtual reality simulators.

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